Clear Concept Rock Cycle-igenous sedimenty metamorphic

Clear Concept Rock Cycle

Three Type of Rock

  1. Igneous Rock
  2. Sedimentary Rock
  3. Metamorphic Rock

rock cycle

Igneous Rock

  • Have No layers
  • Crystalline in Nature
  • Have no fossil

Sedimentary Rock

  • Layer Formation
  • Fossil Found

Metamorphic Rock

  • No fossil
  • No layers
From To
Granite Gneiss
Limestone Marble
Sandstone Quartzite
Clay/Mudstone Slate/schist


Type of Rock How it is formed Where found Where used example
Igneous rocks when magma (or molten rocks) have cooled down and solidified. inside the Earth’s crust or mantle until exposed can be an important source of minerals granite and basalt
Sedimentary rocks formed by the accumulation of other eroded substances in water bodies (sea, oceans etc.) used in civil engineering; for the construction of housing, roads, tunnels, canals etc. shale, limestone and sandstone.
Metamorphic rocks when rocks change their original shape and form due to intense heat or pressure. inside the Earth’s crust or mantle until exposed Used as Marble etc. marble, slate and quartzite


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