Punjab History:Chhota and Wadda Ghallughara

Chhota and Wadda Ghallughara


Early in 1746, when Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia pushed northwards and entered the Eminabad territory in Gujranwala district, they were attacked by the local jagirdar, Jaspat Rai, the diwan of Yahiya Khan(the governor of Lahore). Jaspat Rai was killed in the encounter. Lakhpat Rai,Diwan of Lahore wanted to avenge the killing of his brother Jaspat rai

  • Yahiya khan, the governor of Lahore & Lakhpat Rai launched campaign against Sikhs
  • Near Kahnuwan in gurdaspur District Sikhs put up a determined fight
  • Heavy losses to Sikhs,more than 7000 died
  • Lakhpat Rai took more than 1000 Sikhs to Lahore riding on donkeys and beheaded them
  • Punjab govt has built chhota ghallgahara chamb memorial comprises of 100 feet tall minar and some small buildings


  • Ahmad Shah Abdaliduring his fifth invasion defeated Marathas in the battle of Panipat and plundered Delhi.
  • He started back on 22nd March, 1761 A.D., with his booty and thousands of young men and women
  • When he crossed river Sutlej in April 1761 A.D., the Sikhs started looting him and setting the prisoners free and sending them back to their homes.
  • Before he reached river Attack, the Sikhs were able to free all the captives and snatch much of the booty.
  • On their way back from river Attack, the Sikh looted Gujrat, Sialkot, Sirhind and Malerkotla turn by turn, these states were protectorates of Abdali.
    Immediate cause
  • In 1761 besieged Lahore under the leadership of Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia.
  • Aqil Dass of Jandiala, an enemy of the Sikhs, sent his horsemen to Abdali with a request for attack.
  • Afghani invader Ahmed Shah Abdali led his sixth major assault against Sikhs in 1762 AD
  • Around 25000-32000 Sikhs killed in battle near village Kup,Malerkotla
  • Punjab govt has built kup memorial which is in sangrur district


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