Gandhi Ji V/S Subhash Channder Bose


Gandhi Ji

Subhash Chander Bose

Supported non-violence Bose believed that Mahatma Gandhi’s tactics of non-violence would never be sufficient to secure India’s independence, and advocated a more aggressive resistance. 
Jalianwala bagh massacre: Gandhi returned the Kaiser-i-Hind Gold medal given to him for his work during Boer war. He was deeply disturbed by the Jallianwalla Bagh massacre, and left his Civil Services apprenticeship midway to return to India in 1921.
He Influenced Subash Chander Bose After returning to India, Bose came under the influence of Mahatma Gandhi and joined the Indian National Congress. 
Jailed For Dandi Satyagraha (non-violent civil disobedience) in 1930 Jailed For Dandi Satyagraha (non-violent civil disobedience) in 1930


He Signed Gandhi Irwin Pact  1931 Bose was jailed during Civil Disobedience movement in 1930. He was released in 1931 after the Gandhi-Irwin pact was signed. He protested against the Gandhi-Irwin pact and opposed the suspension of Civil Disobedience movement specially when Bhagat Singh and his associates were hanged.



Congress Election 1939

1.Subhash Chandra Bose became Congress President for a second term in 1939 defeating Gandhi-          nominated candidate Pattabhi Sitaramayya

2.Mahatma commented “Subhash‘ victory is my defeat.” 

3.During his second term as Congress President, he talked of planning in concrete terms, and set up      a National planning Committee. 

4.this unhealthy environment within the party made Bose’s task all the more difficult and soon he         resigned from the post of president and formed a progressive group known as the Forward Block.


Gandhi Ji

Subhash Chander Bose

He Called Subashprince among patriots” He Called Gandhi Ji as “Father Of Nation”



Both were Great leader ,Both Contributed In the independence movement of INDIA with their own ways



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