Art and Architecture

1. Delhi Sultans had a genius for architecture.
2. There was a blend of Indian and Islamic styles

The three well developed styles were
1. Delhi or Imperial Style,

2. Provincial Style
3. Hindu architectural style

3. Qutubminar, Quwat-ul-lslam mosque,the tombs of Nasir-ud-din Muhammad and Balban were built by the Mamaluk rulers.
4. Siri the new town in Delhi
5. Dargah of Hazrat Nizam – ud – din Aulia
6. The Alai Darwaza belonged to Khilji period
7. The rulers of Tughluq period did not give importance to ornamentation.
8. Their buildings were solid and strong
9. The Lodi Garden and Moti Masjid in New Delhi and the tomb of Sikandar Lodi are some examples of Lodi architecture.


Great scholars namely

• Alberuni,
• Amir Khusrau
• Zia-ul-Barani

Many Sanskrit works were translated into Arabic. Urdu language originated during the Sultanate period. Scholars of sultanate period
 Alberuni an Arabic and Persian Scholar served under Mahmud of Ghazni
 He learnt and translated two Sanskrit works into Arabic.
 He was impressed by the Upanishadsand BhagavatGita
 In his work Tarikh-ul-Hind,

 Referred to the socio-economic conditions of India
 Amir Khusrau was a great Persian poet
 He is said to have written four lakh couplets.
 He was a great singer and was given the title ‘Parrot of India’.

Impact of Turkish Conquest

 The Turkish conquest of India had its impact on various fields.
 It paved the way for a centralized political organization.
 It restored contacts with the rest of Asia and parts of Africa.
 A permanent army was established.
 Trade developed due to the uniform legal system, tariff regulations and currency.
 Persian became the court language and brought uniformity in administration.

Disintegration of the Delhi Sultanate

 The disintegration of the Delhi Sultanate had begun during the Tughluq period.
 The invasion of Timur and the incompetent and intolerant nature of some of the Sayyid and
Lodi rulers led to the crumbling of the Delhi Sultanate.
 The first to break free from Delhi in the South were the rulers of the Vijayanagar and
Bahmani Kingdom.
 Khandesh, Bengal, Sind, Multan, Gujarat, Malwa, Jauripur, Kashmir, Assam and Orissa also asserted their independence.
 Further the defeat of Ibrahim Lodi in the first Battle of Panipat in 1526 A.D. by Babur ended the Lodi dynasty
 Brought the downfall of the Delhi Sultanate in India.

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