1. Krishnadeva Raya of the Tuluva dynasty was the most famous king of the Vijayanagar Empire
2. According to Domingo Paes a Portuguese traveller
3. “Krishnadeva Raya was the most feared and perfect king there could possibly be”.


 He conquered Sivasamudram in 1510A.D and Raichur in 1512A.D
 Orissa and Warangal in 1523 A.D.
 His empire extended from
 The river Krishna in the north to River Cauvery in the south
 Arabian Sea in the west to Bay of Bengal in the east


 An able administrator.
 He constructed large tanks and canals for irrigation purposes.
 He improved the naval power as he understood the importance of overseas trade.

 He maintained friendly relationship with the Portuguese and Arab traders and increased the revenue of his government.
 Krishnadeva Raya was a great scholar.


A group of eight scholars adorned his court. Allasani Peddanna, Nandi

Thimmana, Tenali Rama, Bhattu,Murthy, Puna Vira Bhadra,Dhurjathy, Mallana and Panaji ,Surana.

6. He was a patron of art and architecture.
7. The Vijaya nagar Empire reached its zenith of glory during Krishnadeva Raya’s period.

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