 Khizr Khan (14 14- 142 1 A.D.) the Governor of Multan took advantage of the chaotic conditions in India after Timur’s invasion occupied the throne of Delhi in 1414 A.D.
 Khizr Khan, the founder did not assume any royal title.
 Though he brought Punjab, Dilapur and parts of Surat under his control,
 He lost Jaunpur, Malwa, Gujarat, Khandesh, Bengal and Deccan.
 He died in 1421 A.D
 And was succeeded by his son Mubarak Shah (1421-1434A.D.)

Mubarak Shah (1421-1434A.D.
 He suppressed the Khokhars and the local chiefs of the Doab region.
 For the first time Hindu nobles were appointed in the court of Delhi.
 He built a city called “Mubarakbad” on the banks of the river Jamuna.
 Mubarak’s nephew, Muhammad Shah (1434-1445 A.D.) succeeded him.
 He put down the ruler of Malwa with the help of Bahlol Lodi the Governor of Lahore
 For the help rendered by Bahlol Lodi he was conferred with the title Khan-iKhanan
 Muhammad Shah was succeeded by Ala-ud-din Shah (1 445-1457 A.D.).
 He was a very feeble ruler.
 Bahlol Lodi the Governor of Lahore occupied Delhi in 1457A.D. and allowed Ala-ud-din Shah to retire to Badaun where he died in 1478 A.D.

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